Jewels in the Genome

Project Director Dr. Amy Iezzoni has an ongoing feature column titled "Jewels in the Genome" in the Newsletter. An individual’s genome is the full complement of genetic information that it inherited from its parents. Within this vast repertoire of genetic information, individual genes are being discovered that control critical production and fruit quality traits. As these valuable rosaceous gene discoveries are made and put into breeding applications, we will describe them in this column as “Jewels in the Genome.”

Community Breeders' Feature Column

Project Co-Director Dr. Cameron Peace has an ongoing feature column titled “Community Breeders’ Page” in the quarterly Newsletter since August 2010. These articles focus on how to use DNA information in rosaceous crop improvement programs. Polished "jewels in the genome" that you can use in breeding are described and provided in an accessible format.

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Jewels in the Genome Latest Column

Pc-1 for Phytophthora Resistance in Strawberry

Phytophthora crown rot of strawberry, caused by Phytophthora cactorum, is a major contributor to root and crown rot on strawberries in wet and humid production regions, such as the major strawberry production area in central Florida...

Community Breeders Latest Article

Assessing Your Program’s Opportunities and How DNA Information Can Help

2017 is the year in which RosBREED is shifting attention to each of you specifically, rather than all of you in general. You, of course, are creative and industry-sustaining U.S.-based breeders of rosaceous crops...

Jewels in the Genome Article Archive

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Previous articles from the regular column "Jewels in the Genome" by RosBREED Project Director Dr. Amy Iezzoni...

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Explore past articles in the Community Breeders series, written by project co-director Dr. Cameron Peace.